Why Our Dimmable Floor Lamps Are Taking Over The Interior Design World

Why Our Dimmable Floor Lamps Are Taking Over The Interior Design World

Lighting is an essential aspect of our lives. There is a stark difference between walking into a dark, gloomy space and stepping into a room bathed in warm yet radiant light. Even if the furniture and their general disposition are the same, appropriate lighting completely changes how we perceive spaces and profoundly impacts our attitude. That's why floor lamps have become prevalent in interior design. Homes and interior spaces with proper lighting will be perceived as more attractive and tend to increase property value.

Nowadays, we have more control over the lighting than ever. Dimmable floor lamps and bulbs give us the power to adjust the general mood of a room or even its intended uses. Warm, soft lights with hues of red will give any room an inviting allure that makes occupants feel instantly at ease. In contrast, brighter tones infused with bluish tints will make us feel more alert and productive. Dimmable lights give users the power to instantly adjust the general mood of their living spaces.

With so many lighting options in the market, one can get overwhelmed when choosing the right option for living spaces. There are desk lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, and bedside lamps, all of which have advantages and uses.

Desk lamps provide direct illumination on surfaces and are used for reading or writing. Many are flexible or adjustable, allowing the user to control the angle, or how the light falls onto the work surface.

On the other hand, we have table lamps that can usually be found in living rooms, bedrooms, and other living spaces. They're traditionally large as they primarily serve as decoration. Bedside lamps are among the most commonly used table lamps. Still, they're often shorter and more functional, making them a great addition to bedrooms.

Floor lamps provide more structural possibilities for adornment and lighting. They fill spaces with elegance and style while providing the necessary illumination to set the right mood. The light floor lamps emit is not usually focused on a small area but diffused with the purpose of creating a wider radiance without unnecessarily bothersome shine.

The problem with these traditional models is that they usually take up a lot of space. A desk lamp, for example, would occupy a sizable portion of the writing area, and floor lamps might eat up a corner that would otherwise be used for extra shelves.

Alvin Dimmable Floor Lamp With Shelves

Innovation takes place when we combine great ideas into something completely different. For example, our modern dimmable floor lamp incorporates the versatility and functionality of solid shelf cases with the beneficial qualities of warm illumination.

With solid construction, the Alvin collection provides four spacious square display shelves to display various items to enliven your living spaces. It can serve as a classic narrow bookshelf for confined spaces or to showcase memorabilia, figurines, plants, and more.

The slim structure gives prominence to the items you place on the shelves. Moreover, the innovative lighting system provides the unit with a torchiere-like style, making it a perfect choice for most environments and home-decor trends. In addition, this dimmable floor lamp model comes in three different colors.

The black finish elevates the elegance of any space and is perfect against lighter shades that offer high contrast. For spaces where warmer tones are prevalent, brown and walnut shelves are an absolute delight that accompanies areas with solid and bold colors.

The best part is that we use eco-friendly materials that do not give off any toxic smells or emissions usually found on freshly chemically-treated furniture. We use innovative UV coating technologies that give our dimmable floor lamps a glossy shine and extended durability without the use of paint or harmful chemicals.

The Alvin Dimmable floor lamp with shelves can be assembled in a few minutes with simple hand tools. Our patent-protected lamp poles can stand higher torsional forces when compared to regular wood poles, giving our units increased durability and structural stability. The dimmable LED lighting offers three settings so you can provide your spaces with the right mood. The cozy warm glow setting gives off a vivid light infused with delicate amber tones for a calm and relaxing environment. The natural brightness setting bathes your room with radiant clarity, and the high-visibility option is perfect for more productive environments or energetic surroundings.

The wiring is very discreet, effectively keeping cables out of sight and providing easy access through a footswitch controller for complete control of the lighting options with a flick of the toe.

If you want to know more about our dimmable floor lamps, or need to provide your spaces with the proper lighting and ambiance, do not hesitate to contact our interior lighting experts. Our lamps are designed with comfort and functionality in mind, so there is always something for everyone at ATAMIN.