Floor Lamp Innovations for the Modern Family

Floor Lamp Innovations for the Modern Family

With the rising costs in the housing market, owning a home has become harder than ever. If you’re a first-time home-buyer in this economy, you’re probably debating on compromises to get a step closer to the American Dream. Most of the time that means giving up space to accommodate your budget or renting first before your own property.

Don’t worry, times have changed and priorities have shifted. As a modern family, finding your own space and making it livable is key. That means defining how you turn your precious real estate and maximizing it for every square inch! Some luxuries may have to take a backseat, but there are still some you can work into your home - like floor lamps.

Thanks to Pinterest and Instagram, floor lamps have become an indicator of luxury- whether at home or in the office. Oftentimes, they can be dismissed as impractical but here at Atamin, our floor lamp with shelves serve both purpose and aesthetic.

Our floor lamp innovations work best for the modern family and their home. Here are some of the staple features you get from our line of floor lamps.

Floor Lamp with Shelves

Traditional floor lamps are sleek and only provide lighting. Our floor lamps serve more than just as a beautiful addition to your space, however.

We have floor lamps that offer a diverse range of shelving and storage options. Choose from sleek slim shelves, corner shelves, or wide display shelves. Display family pictures or your prized collection within our living space without having to sacrifice more space than you’d like.

The range of options in size can further push the boundaries on what you can put on these floor lamp with shelves. From photo frames to book collections, and even artwork. You can use these lamps for some of your most attractive decor or for more practical purposes. Keep your favorite books within arm’s reach, or use the shelf space for tiny appliances like your Alexa.

What’s important is that your furniture is serving a purpose and that you are making use of all the space you have! The great thing about floor lamps with shelves is that you get two important pieces of furniture in one, which is the perfect way to save space if you have to settle for a smaller apartment or simply don’t have much room to work with.

Floor Lamp with Adjustable Brightness Settings

Lighting plays a key role in a room or a space’s ambiance and mood. This is why sunlight is a big factor when it comes to interior design and even homebuyers. If you’ve watched Selling Sunset, then you definitely know that it can be the condition that can make or break a deal.

Our floor lamp with shelves also come with adjustable brightness settings. Switch through different ambient lighting modes using a pull chain switch - just like a classic lamp!

Our floor lamps can change a room’s function and purpose with just a pull of a chain. This allows you to transform a room into an office, study area, or even a showcase. The best part is, you don’t have to choose.

Floor Lamp with Durable Shelves

Our shelves are designed to accommodate at least 40lbs per tier. So rest assured knowing your displayed items aren’t at risk of compromising the integrity of the lamp.

Our minimalist design doesn’t sacrifice quality and durability. Our floor lamp with shelves, adjustable lighting and durable shelves are made of UV coated engineered wood. You even get to choose the color it would come in, black, white, walnut, brown, natural wood, and rustic wood. No need to settle for an ill-fitting shelf just so you can get a lamp and a shelf for the price of one!

Make Your Floor Lamps Flexible

It can be incredibly daunting shopping around for essentials you need in your home. Let Atamin make the process a little easier!

By choosing a lighting fixture that can do more than just provide ambient lighting in your space, you free yourself of being caged to a single purpose floor lamp. Discover just how diverse your space can be when you get your hands on a floor lamp with shelves, adjustable lighting, and the right quality.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your space or furnish it from the ground up, Atamin has options for every modern family. Consider looking through our entire line of floor lamps to get a better understanding of what you might want to include in your home.

Remember that however you choose to utilize them is up to you. While there are style guides and inspirations all over the internet, what's important is to make it perfect for your use.